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A Drop of Water is a healing, inspiring stream of consciousness to remind us that we are all connected. “Author and therapist, Yvonne Williams Casaus brings us in to the experience and processing of the unthinkable: What it is like when a loved one is taken from us.”Even more devastating is that the Loved One was her husband, and that he took his own life.

We see resilience and great courage of the human spirit in the unfolding hero’s journey that Yvonne lived through. She takes us on her healing journey to allow us a glimpse of her travel to hell, and back.Through story, insight and inspiration, Yvonne offers a lifeline to help us process our grief through the healing waters of life.

Her beautiful story reminds us that we are never separate. With hope, community and presence, we can make it to the other side of grief and regardless of the form in which we show up, physical or eternal, this life or next, we are all profoundly connected.

Rev. Evelyn Foreman, MDiv.

Ordained Unity Minister, www.EvelynForeman.com

A compelling story that reminds us that even after unspeakable tragedy you can find an abundance of joy and love. We get a glimpse of how the darkest moments of despair can become an awakening point to reveal remarkable courage and inner strength. It speaks to the profound power and healing beauty in water and in life. Tom Bird

Best Selling Author of over 20 books including Write From God (2015), Sojourn Publishing LLC

Absolutely beautiful. I love that you focused on the healing, on the joy and the release. I loved that you found such a perfectly simple way of communicating a concept that can be difficult to grasp.?Your rhyming was a way that could break through all the defenses, all the logic of the mind struggling with grief, with being alive. If they could remember water, touch it, feel it they could reconnect, release the illusion of separation and flow through any difficulty they might be encountering.

I felt that the jubilation, freedom and expansion you expressed were in direct proportion to the depth of suffering, pain and desolation you felt during the rough patches on your journey. I could finally let my guard down as you were so silly, wild and free. I also appreciated that you chose not to focus on the hardship but on the salvation. A beautiful job, trusting, surrendering and getting out of the way of the message that needed to come forth. Anastacia Jayet

author of Shattered Into Being; A Beacon Shattered Into Being, Mannara LLC

What a delightful journey. Yvonne shares her great pain and loss though to healing and being renewed and uplifted into fun and delight. She has brought water into a new relationship in my life. It is now a divine symbol and I will always be renewed by its touch. Her book is creative and inspiring. Rev. David McArthur


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