Pokemon Go Connection

The Pokemon Go Connection is everywhere. Maybe we need to re-frame the negative perspective on Pokemon Go. I know a lot of people are frustrated with the slow drivers and 1000’s of people at the park. I even read that an animal shelter was renting out dogs to people so it would look like they were walking their dog. In a positive sense it is helping people feel connected. It is so easy to feel disconnected. Especially these days when we are all addicted to our electronics. We feel so alone, so isolated. At least Pokemon Go is getting people out of their house. It is a way for people to get out and get some fresh air, maybe even make some friends.

Perhaps it has more to do with how we no longer reconnect with the Earth. We walk with shoes. We walk on concrete; we no longer walk barefoot in the grass. We no longer play in the dirt. Sometimes we just need to touch a tree and remember that we are all connected. I am grateful that Pokemon Go is getting people out and exercising. Just remember that we are connected by more than a game. While you are out there, touch a tree, imagine the roots growing into the earth. Let yourself feel grounded for a moment. Touch the grass, maybe even take your shoes off.

Many people have already reported that going out searching for Pokemon has helped them with their anxiety and depression. It is making people more active and social. I just think if you are already outside have some fun with it. If you can spare a moment before a Pok?mon appears, put your hands in the dirt. Before you throw your next curve ball, take a moment to notice the scenery, literally stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy finding your rare Pokemon , but also take time to notice the beauty that surrounds you. Take in the sweet-scented lavender bush. Feel the moist grass on your toes. And.. of course, please refrain from doing it while working or driving. Just be mindful, my daughter just told me there is more likely to be a cactus around than a lavender bush so watch out.

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